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VHT Articles Section - Lighting Automation

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WHAT IS Automated Lighting?
Automated lighting control provides programmable dinning and of-off controls for virtually all lighing in your home, pool area, and patio. Initially, this was viewed as a luxury in higher end homes. However, today, with the rising costs of electricity, this feature can save any home owner large amounts of money on their yearly electric bill. In addition, automated lighting provides a very aesthetically pleasing ambience to any room in your home.

Types of Automated Lighting Systems
There are 2 basic types and either type can employ the features mentioned above. The two types are "hard wiring" and also in the last few years, we have seen the emergence and need for "wireless systems." With automated lighting control, a homeowner can activate exterior and interior entry-way lighting from the safety of a car using a remote control. For a hardwired system, when a homeowner presses a button on a system keypad, a command to turn on the light is sent via low-voltage communication wires to the dimmers and switches assigned to that button and in turn, a response is sent back to the controller to confirm the action.The best system is often dictated by the owner’s needs, budget, and age of the home. Wireless systems offer advantages for retro-fit situations by eliminating the cost and inconvenience of running wire through walls.