VHT Services :: Home Theater

At Vermont Home Theater we provide two different types of home theaters:
* dedicated theater
* family room or multi-purpose room theater

A dedicated home theater provides the ultimate in "cinematic movie experience."
A specific room will be "dedicated" in the home.This room is specifically designed for watching movies, videos, TV, and more. The 'average' dedicated home theater room is normally designed to take approximately 4 to 6 large comfortable seats and possibly more depending on available floor space. Acoustically, this room is designed to give you the full benefits of a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. home theater seating

The benefits of this dedicated type of theater is that you can accomodate a 100" diagonal or larger size screen with a projector that will provide you and your guests with a very high-end movie and sound experience.

A family room theater could be easily installed in any room such as a livng room, den, or even a master bedroom. Typically these can be less expensive "home theater in a box" systems. Vermont Home Theater will design and build a system that is best suited for your room and budget.

Flat panel, (Plasma or LCD) HDTVs' are generally used in this type of theater. They range in size from 40" to 65" and are usually used for a wide variety of TV viewing.

VHT Services :: Home Control and Total Automation

speaker automated

Perhaps you can envision a complete setup with the following services throughout your home: media management control, cable TV, satellite and fiber TV, home computer network setups, high-speed broadband internet, home telephone networks, and a full blown entertainment package with your favorite sounds in every room! Your "wired" house of the future is now available . . . today, and VHT can deliver it.

smart keypad

Vermont Home Theater has the ability to totally automate all areas of your home including, indoor lighting, security, sound system setups, home networks, outdoor lighting and sound, entertainment file management, and much more! Enjoy the benefits and comfort of home automation in your home.

We serve the entire New England area including New York. VHT is proud to establish ourselves as the experts in total home automation technology.
Contact us now at 802-775-6779 or email us at: to discuss the future evolution of your home, today. Take a look around our site, and explore the other tabs here in our services section. Give us a call today to see how we can implement these high-tech services into your home!

VHT Services :: Multi Room Custom Audio

Do you have an expansive music library of classic rock, jazz, blues, country and pop? Ever wish you could listen to different music in different rooms of your house without spending thousands in extra in buying several complicated and expensive stereo amplifiers, speakers, and cables?


Answer: The "wired home" of today has all the detailed options to accomodate your needs for multi-room audio! These multi room units can be integrated into your present home automation package or Vermont Home Theater can install it as a "stand alone." Contact us now at 802-775-6779 or email us at: to discuss the future evolution of your home, today.

Vermont Home Theater's audio tech, Frank Lyman has 35+ years in the high end audio and stereo field. Frank can help with all of your questions regarding speaker placement, size of speakers, amplifier needs, "best cables" to use, and much more.

Benefits you'll receive in your Multi Room audio:

1) Play any style of music, from any room of your house, indoor and outdoor.
2) Complete song info shown on screen.
3) Speakers can be mounted either in wall, ceiling, or surface mounted.
4) Play ALL musical formats: CD, DVD, radio, satellite radio, MP3.
5) Sort your music library by ANY preference artists, song titles, album covers.
We serve the entire New England area including New York. We take pride in establishing ourselves as the custom audio experts.

VHT Services :: Automated Lighting

Vermont Home Theater offers a complete lighting automation package that offers many solutions for saving on electricity while simultaneously creating the perfect ambience and/or mood for any room in your "wired" home. You have complete control over all rooms and combinations of lighting via simple keypads in each room. You also have the option of controlling your setup via a remote control. room lighting1

Automated Lighting Benefits:

1. Increased security for your home ( using preset timers, motion detectors, and lighting sequences to make it appear that someone is actually present in the house while away on vacation or work.

2. Savings on electricity (Lighting automation will use only the lights needed in each room as that room becomes occupied. The system can also extend your bulb life dramatically by using automatic power and dimming controls.)

3. Automated window shades can also be employed to control and maximize the amount of heating or cooling needed for your home during any given season.

4. You can actually watch and manipulate any settings from any standard web browser!

We serve the entire New England area including New York. We take pride in establishing ourselves as the experts in customized lighting automation technology and home entertainment applications.
Contact us now at 802-775-6779 or email us at: to discuss the future evolution of your home, today.

VHT Services :: Network and Connect ALL your PC's and Devices

network pcVermont Home Theater has the trained techs and expertise to provide your family with a robust high speed home computer network that will let you tap into every facet of your automated home.

Every PC and laptop in the house will have internet connectivity, in your living room, the den, the kitchen, the pool, even the patio and the garage!

Enjoy the ability to share a single printer or scanner across every connected PC in the house. The kids can play online games while Dad surfs the web getting the latest sports scores and weather.

You can share all of your vast library of music files, work files, any data that you want, directly from any PC connected up to the network!

Contact us now at 802-775-6779 or email us at:

VHT Services :: Surveillence and Security for your Home and Business

camera watch

Vermont Home Theater will set up and automate your security and surveillence for you. You can rest assured that your business and home are safe from intruders and unwanted activity.

surveillence camera

We have specialized security cameras and video recorders that maintain a "sentinel watch" on your private home, office, retail store, or vacation home. The options are incredible in that you can even monitor any of this activity from a web browser! The options also allow you to record this activity for preview and review at a later time.

The new versions of video cams and recorders allow you to see high res video with clear visual images, zooming and special recording facilities.

sony spy cam

VHT Services :: Entertainment Media File Management

Maintaining, updating, and keeping track of your computer files can be a daunting task. Now imagine have thousands of song files video files and the like! If you're like most folks, you probably have a difficult time recalling half of the song titles in your music library. Our computer media management expert, Rob Henrichon, has the experience and training to help every Vermont Home Theater client get a handle on their music and video libraries.

* Rob has created and produced websites, web content, multi-media, and web applications for such companies as Hartford Life, BMW, Aveda, and Johnson and Johnson.You can contact Rob Henrichon here. media management

VHT will implement a special search tool, similar to Google and Yahoo's search, whereby you can input a partial part of a song title and the software will offer the available titles in your library. Also, Rob will help you organize your music folders and files for easy copying and pasting to other PC's if needed. In additon, setting up "naming style" conventions for your songs and videos will greatly speed up your search when querying (searching) your music and video files database.

We serve the entire New England area including New York.

Contact us now at 802-775-6779 or email us at: to discuss the future evolution of your home, today.

VHT Services :: Strucured Wiring

A "smart" automated home requires very specialized wiring.

Structured wiring is a "network" of specialized wires and cables installed throughout your home, hopefully, during its construction, as this greatly reduces the cost for the client. The system consists of three basic components:
1) Individual room outlets
2) A central hub
3) Wiring and cables connecting each room to the central hub

At Vermont Home Theater, we consult with our clients and discuss all of their special goals and needs for their advanced high tech applications in their homes, both now and in the future. wire run1

Our Vermont Home Theater wiring experts will keep a sharp eye toward the future of home automation. We look at every available option now and in the future. Our experience in wiring shows. We maintain wireless setups where possible, and keep structural changes to a minimum. We have custom option set ups for the most technologically advanced products within a price point to fit any plan or layout scheme you can dream up.

Vermont Home Theater's wiring experts continuously attend classes and seminars to stay on top of the most recent trends and technologies, both in hardware and software applications for home theater and home automation setups.

Contact Bruce Milo today at 802-775-6779 or email us at: to discuss the special wiring needed for the future evolution of your wired home, today.